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Insurance Loss and Damage Waiver, Cancellations and Amendments

Cyprus Elite Rentals requests that you make a small deposit payment when you make your booking.

We accept the following forms of payment:
Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard or Amex are accepted.
Debit Cards: Debit cards, such as Visa, Delta or Switch/Maestro, are accepted.
Upon delivery of your rental car you can pay the remainder of the balance by either Cash (Sterling, Turkish Lira,
Euro or Dollars), or via credit or debit card with our mobile POS machine.

Rental Agreement:

The Rental Agreement relates to the actual hire of the Vehicle. As a condition of the vehicle supplied to you by Cyprus Elite Rentals you will be required to sign the Rental Agreement. The Rental Agreement should be reviewed before signing, to ensure that you are aware of, and understand the terms upon which the vehicle is being provided. Key terms of the Rental Agreement are set out below:

Driver information: Renter must hold a full valid drivers licence.If you are a UK resident and hold a new style UK driving licence, you must also produce the paper counterpart.

Rental Period: The minimum rental period is 3 days.

Seat Belts: All vehicle occupants must use a seatbelt at all times.

State/Border Restrictions: Cyprus Elite Rentals cars are not permitted to be driven in South Cyprus.

Collection Time: Your vehicle will only be held available for up to 2 hours after the agreed collection time, you must contact Cyprus Elite Rentals if you will arrive after this time.

Included in your booking cost:

Mileage Allowance: The vehicle is provided with an unlimited kilometre/mileage allowance.

Insurance Loss/Damage Waiver 1: This is included in the booking cost and reduces your financial

liability. Driving on unpaved roads voids Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) coverage.

Theft Protection (TP): In the case of theft or fire, you must: - Contact the police and report the incident within

24 hours - Submit a copy of the police report and the rental agreement to Cyprus Elite Rentals - Return the vehicle keys to Cyprus Elite Rentals For details of this insurance, please check with Cyprus Elite Rentals on collection of the Vehicle.

Refunds: A credit will be given for any unused portion of the Rental Period.

Additional Driver(s): There is no extra charge for additional drivers. All additional drivers must show full driving

licences and passports/ID cards. If the car rental period is less than 5 days in winter season and 7 days in summer season and the car is requested

to be delivered to one of the below locations the following delivery/collection fees will be charged:

Alsancak, Lapta, Karsiyaka, Esentepe, Tatlısu, Bahceli - £20

For such destinations as Famagusta, Iskele and Gaziveren there is a delivery/collection fee of £60 regardless of the number of days the car is hired. If the car is to be delivered to any of the above mentioned destinations, the tank will be filled with £20 of petrol. This amount will be added to the total price for the car hire.

Fuel: For customer peace of mind, if you require your car to be delivered to Ercan airport, £20 of petrol will be put into your hire car. This will be added to the cost of your hire car. The type of fuel will be stated, and also labled on the petrol cap Cyprus Elite Rentals consider that you are responsible in case of any fuel mistakes. Depending on the circumstances, any unused fuel cannot be refunded.

Fines and Penalties: You are responsible for the cost of any parking fines or other penalties incurred whilst the vehicle is on rent to you Cyprus Elite Rentals will pass the relevant charge on to you plus any administrative

Out of Hours Charge: There is no 'Out of hours service' charge.

Late Returns: If the vehicle is returned later than the time specified in the voucher, Cyprus Elite Rentals will

apply a charge. This is paid locally by you.

Lost Keys: Should the vehicle's keys not be handed back to a Cyprus Elite Rentals employee at the return depot then a charge will be incurred. This is paid locally by you.

Child Seats: Baby and booster seats cost £1 per day. However please take into consideration that we cannot guarantee baby and booster seats will be available. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you consider providing your own, as to avoid complications.

Baby seats are suitable for 9 months - 4 years or 9-18 kgs. Child Booster Seats are suitable for 4 -11 years or 15-36 kgs. You will be required to fit the child seat yourself.

Cleaning Fee: A cleaning fee may be charged if the vehicle is returned in an unacceptable condition or if it requires special washing. This is paid locally by you.

Condition of Vehicle: The vehicle must be returned (normal wear & tear expected), in the same condition as

Documents Required: The vehicle will not be released to you for rental unless you produce the documents listed

  • • A printout of your voucher (if applicable).
  • • A valid, original driver's licence is required for yourself and each additional driver:
  • • A valid passport for all the drivers
  • • Photocopies, faxes or letters will not be accepted.
  • • All drivers' licences must be for manual transmission vehicles, unless you have specifically pre-booked an automatic vehicle.
  • • All drivers' licences must be held for more than one year.


UK drivers: the paper counterpart must accompany any photo card licence (we do not call the DVLA to confirm the status of a licence).

A credit/charge card:

  • This must be the card used to make your booking.
  • This must be the original card in your name (not a copy).
  • All additional drivers must show a valid credit card issued in their name at the time of rental.
  • The cardholder must be present.
  • It must be a valid credit card with sufficient funds available to cover any required deposit.


Roadside Assistance: 24 hour roadside assistance is provided. The phone number will be supplied on the rental agreement. Please see the procedures detailed below for what to do in the event of an incident. Depending on circumstances, Cyprus Elite Rentals reserve the right not to replace the vehicle.

Incident: In case of an Incident:

  • Inform the Police immediately (Telephone 155) and obtain an incident or crime number.
  • Notify Cyprus Elite Rentals customer services right away.
  • Obtain names, addresses, contact telephone numbers of all third parties and witnesses and vehicle registration numbers of all third parties and supply them to us.
  • Immediately send Cyprus Elite Rentals any letter from any third party, any claim form, any written summons or any other documents relating to any court proceedings.
  • Provide all reasonable assistance to Cyprus Elite Rentals or our agents and insurers in dealing with the court proceedings including allowing court actions to be taken in your name and defending any proceedings taken against you.

At the time of the incident, which has involved the vehicle and a third party in an accident, make no admission of liability to any persons. By signing and agreeing to the rental agreement you agree to make good (and if necessary pay Cyprus Elite Rentals for) any and all damage or loss sustained to the vehicle and to any third party during the rental period in the event that you:

  1. Fail to ensure that an Incident Report Form is completed and submitted to the rental company.
  2. Use the vehicle for any purpose other than that for which it was supplied to you.
  3. Use the vehicle to participate in any illegal activity.
  4. Fail to take reasonable care of the vehicle. Depending on the circumstances, Cyprus Elite Rentals reserve the right not to replace the vehicle.


Insurance: Cyprus Elite Rentals provide full insurance, provided that:

Do not use or drive the vehicle or allow anyone else to use or drive the vehicle whilst intoxicated or under the

influence of any medication or other legal or illegal substance, which impairs driving ability.

  • - Do not allow or do work on or to the vehicle including altering, removing or changing any component and changing in any way the vehicle's specification or appearance.
  • - Do not represent that you are the owner of the vehicle or our agent.
  • - Do not remove/change any name or other mark identifying ownership of the vehicle.
  • - Notify Cyprus Elite Rentals of the vehicle whereabouts immediately upon request. - Do not sell, rent or dispose of the vehicle or any extras in any way.
  • - Ensure that the vehicle is not used in an unsafe circumstance, in a condition that is considered unsafe to drive or use the vehicle for the purpose for which it is not designed or not suitable for. In particular you will not overload the vehicle, you will properly secure all loads and not carry any hazardous, dangerous or inflammable substance(s).
  • - Do not use the vehicle for racing, pace making or any other form of competition.
  • - Do not use the vehicle for towing, pushing, driving tuition or any other hazardous or unusual use.
  • - Cyprus Elite Rentals will not be held responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol/ drugs, causing wilful damage, off road driving or driving without due care and attention. You accept responsibility in respect of such claims. This list is not exclusive.


If you fail to fulfil any of the obligations imposed on you by this clause, you may invalidate your Insurance as applicable and/or be held liable by Cyprus Elite Rentals to make good all loss or damage sustained. Terms and Conditions and Prices are subject to change without notice and may vary by location.

Cancellations and Amendments: Cancellations and amendments must always be made directly to Cyprus Elite Rentals Amendments to bookings are free of charge.

Cancellation charges apply as follows: Within 48 hours of placing the booking the deposit is fully refundable (unless within 48 hours before the rental takes place). When canceling after 48 hours of making the booking the deposit paid will be non-refundable. Credit card fees are non-refundable.

In the event of a "NO SHOW" (when the client fails to collect a vehicle and the booking is not cancelled in advance) Cyprus Elite Rentals are unable to provide any refund. If clients end the hire duration early or are late collecting the vehicle, Cyprus Elite Rentals are unable to refund any unused hire days.

Cancellation Charge: Cyprus Elite Rentals will charge a cancellation fee for any booking you are unable to honor prior to the collection date. No refunds will be given for no shows in resort, rentals ended early, late collections or cancellations made after the rental start date, even if cancellation protection or CAPP is purchased.

Bookings can only be cancelled upon return of the rental voucher (if issued).